Introducing Sigma Verified Digital Credential Management

At Aerial Adventure Tech, we spend a lot of time looking at what will shape the climbing gym and aerial adventure industry in the future.  We seek out products and drive initiative for ideas that solve critical problems for operators. While climbing gyms and aerial parks are largely analog experiences for their audiences, the tools used to manage them are not. Today’s operators have access to powerful resources that make management easier, more effective, and provide better insight to their business.  That’s why we are excited to announce our new partnership with Sigma, a single destination for verified credentials.

We work in a world of real and objective risk that needs to be actively managed every day.  We hire managers, supervisors, and routesetters to help keep our facilities safe and to respond in the event of an incident. Look at any job description for our industry and you will likely see a long list of qualifications chock full of training and certifications requirements for the position.  So how do you know that someone’s certification is valid and how much do you really know about the training they have received? 

Introducing Sigma, a free cloud-based service that helps organizations of all types send verified digital certificates, credentials, memberships, and awards. If a Merit is sent through Sigma, you can trust that the credential is authentic, valid, and current. More than just a certificate showing completion, Merits are a digital record that can include detailed information about how the Merit was earned, what the Merit represents, and attachments of all types including training curriculum documents and video highlighting skill demonstrations by the candidate.  

Each person that receives a Merit through Sigma can easily create a profile to manage and track all Sigma verified credentials.  The key that makes Sigma valuable is that an individual cannot give themselves Merits or upload credentials from their own sources. The only way to obtain a Merit through Sigma is to be issued one by an organization authorized by Sigma.  Each Merit has a unique and secure digital key that can be scanned using the Sigma App to instantly verify its authenticity. That means you can trust that Sigma credentials reflect the intent of the issuer and the up to date status of the individual. 

Operators can become a verified Sigma organization and use the free Sigma platform to issue and manage certificates and awards and track completion of courses and trainings. A quick application can get you approved and you can quickly start building custom Merit templates for all your needs.  Issue a Merit for in-house training refreshers and keep up with accurate records of your staff participation and completion.  Shift your belay certification program to Sigma and stay in control of your members’ credentials across multiple facilities. Issue certifications as soon as they are awarded and get rich data driven insight about who is current and who is soon to expire.

Sigma features.

For individuals, Sigma offers the opportunity to capture life’s experiences and turn them into valuable qualifications.  Self-reporting one’s experiences on a resume only goes so far.  Sigma allows you to share Merits with employers in a format that offers rich information about how the Merit was earned and what the Merit represents.  Keep all your credentials organized and accessible using the Sigma App and easily share your Merits with organizations and employers.   

Sigma is the kind of solution that we get really excited about at Aerial Adventure Tech.  We invite you to join us as early adopters of this new platform and join us in creating better credentials for a better industry. Contact us via chat or gives us a call and we will be happy to give you an overview and answer your questions.