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September has been an incredible month for Perfect Descent Climbing Systems. We were at the Youth World Climbing Championships in Innsbruck, Austria as an official supplier to the competition (which is big news in itself…) and we are excited to announce that Sean McColl and Libor Horza have joined the Perfect Descent team through our newly established athlete sponsorship program.

Perfect Descent began sponsoring high level IFSC competitions last year and the athlete sponsor program allows Perfect Descent to offer direct support to climbers that share our core values. 

“We see our role as an official supplier to IFSC competitions as more than simply providing auto belays for competition use” says Andrew Miller, VP for Aerial Adventure Tech, Perfect Descent’s global distributor. “We want to support the success of climbing at the competition level.  That’s why Perfect Descent sponsors competitions like the Youth World Climbing Championships and why we are so excited to support the distinctly different journeys of Sean and Libor.”

Sean MSean McColl Speed Climbing on a Perfect Descent Auto BelaycColl holds the title of 4x Overall World Champion (2009, 2012, 2014, 2016). He is the only Climbing World Cup competitor to be in the top 8 in every discipline and has stood atop the World Cup podium 32 times in his 19-year career.  The Canadian attributes his success to an intense dedication to training for each of the three sport climbing disciplines. Sean has now focused that dedication on being among the first sport climbing Olympic medalists.For those unfamiliar with the sport, Sean McColl is a thundering force in competitive climbing with his sites set squarely on the 2020 Olympic Games and Libor Hroza is a pillar of the speed climbing discipline with multiple speed world records who also coaches up-and-coming athletes.
“I am pleased to announce my new partnership with Perfect Descent Climbing Systems. They make the best auto belays on the market and are fully supportive of my Olympic ambitions. Speed climbing is a huge passion of mine, and I’m thrilled that Perfect Descent is backing athletes and the discipline as the sport grows and enters the world stage. I look forward to working with them and training hard for Olympic qualifications!” — Sean McColl

"It's always exciting to see what is going to happen when two of the best in their field partner up. I am really happy to be one of Perfect Descent’s ambassadors, because I believe that together we can help to build a stronger climbing community.” — Libor Hroza

Coming from the Czech Republic, Libor Hroza is one of the most well-known and passionate competitors in Speed Climbing. Competing since 2002, Libor has twice held the European Champion title. His long and successful competitive career has made Libor a respected and sought-after trainer and coach for speed climbing athletes around the world.

Libor Hroza speed climbing on a Perfect Descent Auto Belay

Consistency, dedication, and focus are qualities that define these two athletes and are the same qualities from which Perfect Descent was born. Our dedication to producing the highest-quality auto belays that enhance the climbing experience for all climbers, competitive or recreational, is what drives us to be the best, to make the best, and to work with the best.

Sean and Libor will take Perfect Descent on their trips around the world, keep us up-to-date on their competitive experiences, and show us what it takes to make it in this sport. We are excited to support Sean and Libor in the coming years and to sharing their unique stories with the Perfect Descent Community. Join us, and the conversation, by following Perfect Descent on Instagram and Facebook

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