Gear Spotlight: Tsuga Diddy Bags


Working at height requires a thoughtful system of organization and tool management. Dropping gear from height isn't an option. Everyone, whether route setting, inspecting zip cables, or in the air at a construction site has a specific set of tools and personal gear they use every day. Whether its gloves or gauges, phones or tablets, positioning line, allen wrenches, screws and other hardware, these are the smaller items that are needed often and need to be close at hand to make any job easier.  We believe the Tsuga Utility Diddy Bags are just the tool to make your work at height life more organized.


We offer three different versions of this harness bag to meet every need of at-height professionals. Each of these bags are designed to easily attach to your harness with two thread-through buckles that can be tightened down to fit any size harness waist belt.

These USA-made bags feature durable 18oz vinyl construction with external pockets made of 600d polyester. Other utility bags designed for the same use are generally made of canvas or another material that absorbs water. The vinyl and polyester materials used on the Diddy bags shed water when the rain falls and likewise are easy to wipe clean.  


  • Burly External Pockets: Front and side pockets made to handle the sharp end of any file, bit, or blade; and in the Diddy and Diddy Deluxe you will find a front slot designed for your pen or pencil. 
  • High Visibility Orange: upgraded from the black color in the previous versions, the high-vis orange vinyl allows workers to easily see where tools are located.
  • Internal Pocket: Designed to keep a phone, allen wrenches, or other small items from landing at the bottom of the main compartment of the Diddy and Diddy Deluxe.
  • Snap Closure Option: Available as an upgrade on the Diddy Deluxe, this two stage snap closure ensures bulky items will stay put while workers are in motion at height.
  • Hammer Loop: Also an add-on feature of the Diddy Deluxe, this heavy-duty loop keeps hammers and mallets in place and close at hand.


The Low Down Diddy is the smallest size utility harness bag from Tsuga. This low profile bag has a capacity of 1.5 liters and one external pocket on the front. This harness bag is perfect for T-nuts, screws, gloves, and other smaller items you find yourself needing storage and easy access to while in the air.

The Diddy, and its tricked-out sibling the Diddy Deluxe, have double the capacity of the Low Down Diddy, come with an inside storage pocket and more external pockets to further your organizational needs. The main compartment has a slick interior pocket that easily holds a cell phone to snap a quick photo for reporting and documentation purposes.

Along with the interior organization, the bigger Diddy Bags also have four exterior pockets to keep drill bits, pencils, prussic loops and other items in place. The Diddy Deluxe has two upgraded features: a burly hammer loop and a main compartment snap closure to insure your tools stay put while you are moving about.



Whether you are an aerial facilities inspector, maintenance technician, or zip guide, if you wear a harness while working you probably need quick access to tools frequently. The Diddy line of utility bags will improve your at-height organization by keeping your essential items close at hand. Give us a call today with any questions or click the buttons below to get yours today.

"I use my Diddy Bag every day. It holds my field iPad, calipers, glasses, allen wrenches; it's also a great place to stash my zip trolley set up or other PPE when I'm not using it. My phone fits nicely in smaller inner pocket, and the outer sleeve pocket is a good spot to put paper or a small think field notebook."

- Will Shirey
Director of Inspection and Maintenance for Challenge Towers Aerial Adventures

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