Gear Spotlight: Tsuga Pole Pigs

Today we highlight one of the hardest working pieces of gear any at-height professional needs in their arsenal, the Pole Pig Utility Buckets. These bomber utility buckets, made by Tsuga Utility, are designed specifically for people who work at-height. Aerial adventure construction crews use these buckets to haul hardware and tools to height, climbing gym route setters use these as their setting buckets, and staff at camps and zip tours organize their equipment using these American-made utility buckets.


The Pole Pigs are constructed of hydrophobic 18oz vinyl, with pockets made of 600d coated polyester. What this means this is that these buckets can stand up to mud and rain, sharp drill bits and screws, along with the weight of the tools needed to do any job at-height. The durable materials along with the intentionally designed external pockets will make these bags an essential part of your work-at-height kit. 

The pole pigs are the workhorse of the Tsuga line. These buckets are designed to organize and haul your equipment while working at height. They also pull double duty as a gear hauler to and from the job site along with many other uses around your facility or after work adventures. The pole pigs come in 2 sizes along with an option for a draw string closure, all feature the bomber materials mentioned earlier.


There are few critical design features that makes this utility bucket stand out from the competition.
  • Sewn Haul Loop: rated to 600lbs, the haul loop centers the load eliminating the worry of the bucket accidentally spilling out while hauling or carrying.
  • Rigid Ring Opening: sturdy plastic tubing sewn into the top of the bucket keeps items visible and adds to the overall structural integrity for heavy loads.
  • Drawstring Closure: An add-on feature to either size bucket, the mini diamond ripstop nylon closure allows for added capacity, acts as a barrier against weather and dirt, and keeps gear and tools from spilling out in transit or in use.
  • Rigid Bottom: the double layered bottom includes a lightweight plastic layer that allows the bag to stand upright without assistance and ensures sharp objects can't rip through.
  • High Visibility Orange: upgraded from the black color in the previous versions, the high-vis orange vinyl allows workers to easily see into these buckets and get what they need without digging around blindly.


The Large Pole Pig has a capacity of 19L with an assortment of five external pockets to take your organization to the next level. Think of the Large Pole Pig as a way to haul all of your climbing holds up in one go, haul larger nuts and bolts up to your work area, or maybe even hold a case of beer and ice for the end of the day. (Important Note: AAT has not tested how long the ice will last, but we do know that a 12 pack fits in the Large Pole Pig bucket.)

The Small Pole Pig has a 9L capacity with two external pockets. Don’t let the small size fool you, the smaller size allows this bag to be carried easier while at height and keeps some of the smaller items more easily accessible and organized.


The Tsuga Pole Pigs are a great addition to your professional equipment, gear, and tools; making work easier and more organized. These buckets will outlast most of your tools, and it may just be the last utility bucket you ever buy. Alex Cox, our product specialist, is available to answer your questions about the Tsuga Pole Pigs. You can call us at 828-266-0480, Monday thru Friday 9a-5p (EST) with your questions or to get your Pole Pigs today (while we still have them in stock.) Click the button to visit the product page to buy your Tsuga Pole Pigs today.

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