Jim Steel Quickdraw Set – 10 cm / Wire Gate / Screw Link

Jim Steel Quickdraw Set

Vendor: Edelrid
SKU: 737060100170
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Extremely robust climbing gym quickdraw set with steel carabiner. Available with either a full gate or wire gate carabiner.


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About: Edelrid - Jim Steel Quickdraw Set

  • Rubber abrasion protector minimizes noise
  • Abrasion protector acts as a spacer and minimizes wear at the sling
  • Durable polyester sling
  • Internal wear indicators made of red polyester
  • Jim Steel Set with innovative hanger plate: minimizes wall wear, no finger trap and noise reduction
  • Jim Steel Wire Set with 10 mm screw link (available in 10 or 18 cm lengths)


  • Color(s): Night

Reference Table

References 720160180170 737060100170 737060180170
Weight 362 g 295 g 302 g
Gate Style Full Gate Wire Gate Wire Gate
Length 18 cm 10 cm 18 cm