Is your PD® auto belay due for it’s 2 year Factory Service?

Check below for the closest service center to you.

To maintain proper performance and warranty, re-certificaiton is required every two years. Please be advised that this re-certification most likely impacts your liability insurance coverage viability.

To have your PD® auto belay re-certified, please send the following information to one of the service centers below:

    • the unit
    • the manual
    • your contact information, including email address for updated shipping information

    Please package your PD® auto belay in its original box and packing material. Ensure that the auto belay is adequately protected to prevent damage from shipping.  (*Do not pack the unit in packing peanuts as it will not protect the unit in transit.)


    C-3 Manufacturing (Main Service Center) | Ron Naranjo

    3809 Norwood Drive
    Unit 4

    Littleton, CO 80125

    Tel: 303-953-0874
    Fax: 303-862-8442


    OTE Services | Derek Wagonner

    Perfect Descent
    200 West Drive

    Melbourne, FL 32904

    Tel:  321-608-8031
    Fax: 321-733-2962



    Oasis Rigging, Inc. | Cort McElroy

    388 Carlaw Ave.

    Suite 204

    Toronto, Ontario

    M4M 2T4
    Tel: 416-703-2560
    Fax: 416-703-3708



    Dropzone Ltd. | Sascha Noyes

    Lasham Woods

    Lasham Road


    GU34 5FZ


    Tel: +44-125-638-1222


    Singapore & South East Asia

    Climb Asia Pte. Ltd. | Lim June Pein “Junbin”

    B1-01 Kallang Wave Mall
    1 Stadium Place
    SINGAPORE 397628

    Tel +65 67027 972
    Email –


    Australia and Asia Pacific

    Climb Oz Pty Ltd | Halil Ngah

    Level 2, 40 Third Ave
    NSW 2148, Australia

    Tel +61 26 789 635
    Email –


    Interested in becoming a dealer of the Perfect Descent Auto Belay Device?

    If so, call Aerial Adventure Tech at (828) 264-0751 to inquire about the application and approval process or send us an email inquiry.