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Belay Master 2 Carabiner

Vendor: DMM
SKU: A872
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 A very safe belaying carabiner.


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About: DMM - Belay Master 2 Carabiner

The original dedicated belaying carabiner has been updated to an I-Beam construction, but it still has a feature set that is hard to beat. The nylon clip not only stops the carabiner from twisting and being cross loaded, it also stops the gate and barrel from being loaded and since the clip can only lock when the barrel is screwed closed then the clip also acts as a failsafe check that the carabiner is ready to use.

  • Nylon clip ensures carabiner is loaded correctly; the barrel is closed and the gate cannot be levered open.
  • Thick, full section top bar is well rounded to give consistent rope control and durability.
  • Works well with tube devices, assisted locking devices and friction knots.
  • Replacement clips available



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  • Strength (Major Axis): 25 kN
  • Strength (Minor Axis): 10 kN
  • Strength (Open Gate): 8 kN
  • Dimensions: 70 x 115 mm
  • Weight: 93 g
  • Gate Opening: 24 mm