Rhino Carabiner – Screwgate

Rhino Carabiner

Vendor: DMM
SKU: A542
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The Rhino is an evolution of the compact personal belay carabiner and has been optimized to work in harmony with modern belay devices and rope controllers.


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About: DMM - Rhino Carabiner

A highly evolved and resilient creature available in Screwgate, Quicklock, and Locksafe. Cross loading could be a thing of the past. The new Rhino Belay Biner will be of interest for work at height and arborist specialists. The horn feature on the leading edge of the spine significantly reduces carabiner cross loading with rigging, devices, and pulleys. The clean nose design provides snag-free loading and unloading of ropes. The big robust top bar is contrasted by our signature I-beam construction on the non-rope bearing surfaces resulting in a total weight of 72g.

Available in Kwiklock, Locksafe, and Screwgate varieties.
  • The Kwiklock gives fast-acting security especially suitable when the connector is being opened and closed frequently.
  • The Locksafe option is best used when security is paramount as it will auto-lock almost instantaneously and yet requires triple action opening to be detached from the system.
  • The Screwgate gives maximum security when locked and makes clipping one-handed as easy as with a non-locking connector. Ideal for Rope Access general use, anchors, and tension lines.
  • Horn feature reduces the risk of cross loading
  • Wide, full radius basket provides a rope and device friendly operation
  • I-Beam construction for high strength and low weight
  • Keylock clean nose for snag free connection
  • Anodised to BS EN 7599:2010 AA10 - Sealed for corrosion protection
  • Uniquely marked for traceability



User Instructions


  • Material(s): Aluminum
  • Strength (Major Axis): 27 kN
  • Strength (Minor Axis): 9 kN
  • Strength (Gate Open): 7 kN
  • Dimensions: 75 x 100 mm
  • Weight: 73 g
  • Gate Opening: 20 mm


  • EN 362:2004/B, EN 12275:2013