Steel 10mm Oval Carabiner – Kwiklock

Steel 10mm Oval Carabiner

Vendor: DMM
SKU: C453
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The ultimate rope access carabiner!


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About: DMM - Steel 10mm Oval Carabiner

Compact, strong and hard wearing yet incredibly versatile in application. The oval shape helps centralize loaded connectors, slings, pulleys, etc minimizing the un-nerving jumping of equipment associated with more extreme D-shaped connectors.

Available in Kwiklock, Locksafe and Screwgate varieties.
  • The quick, easy opening and fast acting lock of the Kwiklock version makes it perfect for any situation where constant attachment and detachment are prevalent.
  • The quick, easy triple action opening and fast acting lock of the Locksafe version makes it perfect for any situation where performance and security extremes are required.
  • The one-handed opening and closing of the Screwgate version makes it perfect for technical aiding, hauling, rigging, etc.
  • Oval shape allows central positioning of devices
  • 10 mm bar section for lightness and strength
  • Cold forged and fully heat treated carbon steel for high strength and durability
  • Zinc plated to EN ISO 2081:2008 Fe/Zn 5c standard for corrosion protection
  • Recommended for use with pulleys and as a general connector
  • Individually marked for traceability


User Instructions


  • Material(s): Steel


  • EN362:2004/B

Reference Table

References C453 C457 C452
Locking system Kwiklock Locksafe Screwgate
Strength (Gate Closed) 30 kN 30 kN 30 kN
Gate Opening 16 mm 15 mm 17 mm
Weight 186 g 187 g 175 g