Perfect Descent Direct Drive Auto Belay – 28 ft (8.5 m) / Steel

Perfect Descent Direct Drive Auto Belay

Vendor: Perfect Descent
SKU: 220D-28-C
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Perfect Descent Auto Belays are hand built in the USA and preferred worldwide by climbers and gym owners alike. As the Official Auto Belay Supplier for the International Federation of Sport Climbing, Perfect Descents are used in World Cup and World Championship competition. Offering superior performance at a superior price, our auto belays are compact, durable, and budget-friendly, boasting the lowest cost of ownership on the market and a 2 year recertification cycle. Perfect Descents are ideal for rock climbing gyms, camp climbing walls, university recreation centers, ninja obstacle courses, amusement centers, industrial training, and more!


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About: Perfect Descent Direct Drive Auto Belay

The Direct Drive™ Auto Belay from Perfect Descent Climbing Systems features a sealed casing, industry leading price, and is EN compliant. This model is the ideal auto belay solution for applications where speed is not a factor. The Direct Drive™ is perfect for beginner routes, kid zones, and programmed events. Outfit your operation for less!

  • Perfect Descent is the cost leader in auto belays and boasts the lowest average cost of ownership over the life of the unit.
  • All auto belays require ongoing and scheduled inspection, maintenance, and factory recertification. Perfect Descent Auto Belays feature a 2 year recertification period, resulting in less downtime and lower recertification costs when compared to other auto belays on the market.
  • The lightweight and compact design equates to lower shipping costs when returning units for factory authorized service and recertification.
  • A growing network of factory authorized service centers makes it quick and simple to keep your units in service and on the wall.
Craftsmanship, safety, and innovation:
  • Perfect Descent Auto Belays are hand built in Colorado, USA, feature a high-grade stainless steel and aluminum housing (no plastic), and are never mass produced.
  • Internal components are made of high-quality materials that stand up to repeated use and require little-to-no maintenance.
  • All devices go through rigorous quality assurance before shipping and meet global safety standards.
Versatile and durable device housing:
  • Perfect Descents are the lightest and most compact modular auto belay on the market, a key feature for easy hauling and mounting.
  • The new multi-point installation handle provides flexible mounting options and independent backup eyes.
  • All units are sealed for outstanding performance both indoors and outdoors.
  • A durable lanyard nozzle with stainless steel insert ensures consistent performance and reduced nozzle wear.
Lanyards to love:
  • Easy to replace lanyards take minutes to change and can be performed in the field by the end user.
  • Choose from the lanyard length that best meets your needs: 28 ft, 40 ft, or 53 ft (8.5 m, 12.2 m, or 16.1 m).
  • High quality nylon webbing is more user-friendly than cable-based systems and doesn’t damage walls.
  • The built-in wear indicator takes the guesswork out of knowing when it’s time to replace your lanyard.
  • Choose from two 3-stage, swivel carabiner options: aluminum for corrosive environments or to reduce weight and steel alloy for durability.  Or choose the Dual Connection option with swivel, nylon Y dogbone tether, and dual aluminum, 2-stage captive pin carabiners.

IMPORTANT: Perfect Descent Auto Belays are designed to be controlled lowering devices used in vertical climbing activities and are not suitable for use in jumping-type activities that create shock loading forces. Repeated shock loading of the device can damage the internal components, and in some cases, may result in the failure of the unit.



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  • Weight: 29 - 31 lbs (13.1 - 14.1 kg) - weights vary according to lanyard length and carabiner type
  • Housing Dimensions: 16 x 9.5 x 7.5 in (40 x 24 x 19 cm)
  • Lanyard Retraction Speed: 2 ft/s (0.6 m/s)
  • Maximum Descent Rate: 6.6 ft/s (2 m/s)
  • Minimum Descent Rate: 1.6 ft/s (0.5 m/s)
  • Housing Material(s): Stainless Steel and Aluminum
  • Nozzle Material(s): Stainless Steel and Acetal
  • Lanyard Material(s): 1 in (2.5 cm) wide Nylon webbing
  • Lanyard Breaking Strength: 3,500 lbs (15.6 kN)
  • Lanyard Length(s): 28, 40, or 53 ft (8.5, 12.2, or 16.1 m)
  • User Weight Range: 25 - 310 lbs (11.5 - 140 kg)


  • ANSI/ASSE Z359.4: Safety requirements for assisted-rescue and self rescue systems, subsystems and components
  • EN 341: 2011 Class C: Personal protection equipment against falls from height - descender devices
  • AS/NZS 1891: Industrial fall-arrest systems and devices - Part 3: Fall arrest devices
  • CSA Z259.2.3-99: Descent control devices