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Via Ferrata Kit - Vertigo

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The VIA FERRATA KIT offers equipment specifically for via ferrata, composed of a SCORPIO VERTIGO lanyard, a CORAX harness, and an ELIOS helmet in size 2.


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About: Petzl - Via Ferrata Kit - Vertigo

The KIT VIA FERRATA VERTIGO offers equipment specific to via ferrata, composed of a SCORPIO VERTIGO lanyard, a CORAX adjustable harness, and a BOREO helmet in size M/L.

Complete kit, designed for via ferrata

SCORPIO VERTIGO lanyard for via ferrata:
  • For users weighing 40 to 120 kg
  • Lightweight and comfortable with two elasticized arms and a short arm
  • Rugged and durable
CORAX adjustable harness (gray):
  • DoubleBack buckles on waistbelt and leg loops allow the harness to be easily adjusted
  • Versatile and easy to use
BOREO helmet (white, size M/L):
  • Rugged and versatile
  • Head-covering design for reinforced protection against lateral, frontal and rear impact
  • Totally adjustable to head size


User Instructions - Corax Sit Harness
User Instructions - Boreo Helmet
User Instructions - Scorpio Lanyard
Maintenance Instructions - Harness
Maintenance Instructions - Helmet
Maintenance Instructions - Lanyard


    • SCORPIO VERTIGO lanyard:
      • Weight: 380 g
    • CORAX harness:
      • Color(s): Gray
      • Size 1 - Waist: 65-96 cm; Weight: 490 g
      • Size 2 - Waist: 76-107 cm; Weight: 540 g
    • BOREO helmet (M/L):
      • Head circumference: 53-61 cm
      • Weight: 295g


    • SCORPIO EASHOOK lanyard: CE EN 958: 2017
    • CORAX harness: CE EN 12277 type C, UIAA 105
    • BOREO helmet: CE EN 12492, UIAA 106

    Reference Table

    References K029AB00 K029AB01
    Size 1 2
    Weight 1165 g 1215 g
    Guarantee 3 years 3 years
    Packing 1 1