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GivaGeta Character Cards

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Build unity, community, connection, character, leadership, engagement and teamwork through active learning. GivaGeta Character Cards™ are a collection of 58 unique cards with two complete sets of 24 Character Cards (one set with blue backs, one set with green), 4 blank cards to add your own specific attribute or themes) and 6 instruction/information cards.


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About: Training Wheels - GivaGeta Character Cards

Trainers, Program Managers, Counselors and Educators can now facilitate 11 high-powered character building team challenges, ice-breakers, games, debriefing and reviewing activities all with one set of cards.

It is the first collaborative product from *Jim Cain Ph.D. of Teamwork & Teamplay and Jim & Jackie Cantoni, Founders of GivaGeta.

Each GivaGeta Character Card features one of 12 different character attributes such as leadership, honesty, positive attitude, responsibility, diversity and more. There are also dynamic illustrations to support each attribute, a collection of 96 thought-provoking quotations related to the character topics and 52 unique ice-breaking questions.

Includes complete instructions for facilitating the 11 unique activities. One of the most powerful activities in this collection is The Match Game. Teams compete to memorize and turn over cards with 12 character trait matches. The first team to turn over all 24 cards correctly wins that round. But the real value of this activity comes after the cards have been turned over. Team members are now given the opportunity to discuss these character traits, and their relative merit and importance, within the context of their organization.

Ten more active, engaging, memorable and fun activities are included that your audiences will continue to discuss, long after the cards have been returned to their deck.

Each Set Includes:
  • 12 Experiential Character Building Team Activities with 6 complete instruction/information cards to lead them
  • 52 GivaGeta Character Cards ~ 26 Green and 26 Blue Cards ~ (4) Four “blank” cards to customize with your own attributes or theme
  • 96 thought-provoking character quotations
  • In large text, 4 sets of 12 dynamic character illustrations
  • 52 “Ice-breaking” questions
  • Fun-filled non-cumbersome ways to build teams and talk about the importance of character.

*Jim Cain, Ph.D., Teamwork and Teamplay, is the author of Teamwork & Teamplay, The Book on Raccoon Circles, The Value of Connection, A Teachable Moment, and Essential Staff Training Activities.

Jim & Jackie Cantoni, Founders of GivaGeta, co-creators of The World’s Kindest Playing Cards™ and authors of Give Teamwork ... Get Results™ Playing with a Full Deck of The World’s Kindest Playing Cards™, Give a Hug ... Get a Hug and I Love You Two.


  • Includes: 52 cards and instructions