Inspection Management for the 21st Century

If I were to ask what equipment in your inventory was currently quarantined and the reason why, could you give me a quick answer?  For most climbing gym operators the answer is no. They may need to dig into a spreadsheet to get the answer or even rustle through a three-ring binder with paper logs. With hundreds or even thousands of individual pieces of equipment in inventory, modern gyms need a modern solution for tracking and documenting inspections.  Papertrail is the solution that saves you time and money while achieving a higher standard for your inspection management program.


With Papertrail, you can easily keep track of everything. Create and manage hundreds of records in minutes, set inspections intervals, outline inspection checklists, and assign inspection roles to staff. The flawless record keeping of Papertrail gives you a complete history for each piece of equipment that is visually concise and actionable.

Papertrail makes my job easier by allowing me to keep quick and efficient track of the safety equipment at the gym. Instead of wondering when it is time to check certain auto belays or ropes, I am notified weekly of when equipment must be checked. ~ Jeff Ho, Spire Climbing Center

More than just record management, Papertrail is a tool that brings accountability to your inspection program. Enhance your inspection records with product information, photos and video. Easy to learn and easy to train staff, you can assign and track inspections by inspector, customize notifications, and keep things from falling through the cracks.


The always updated dashboard tells you instantly what inspections are coming due, overdue, and what equipment has been retired or quarantined.  See a detailed record of activity for each item including inspector name, inspection time stamps, changes in equipment status and more.

The notification options for inspectors and administrators, keeps things from falling through the cracks, and I have complete oversight of all the scheduled inspections through the dashboard. ~ Dave Hudson, First Ascent Avondale

Managing your inspections with Papertrail saves you time and money.  Carry out work on mobile, tablets, or desktop whether you are online or off.  Quickly and simply generate reports, exports and certificates. Standardize processes and terminology across your organization and write and update safety records from anywhere.  Papertrail will significantly decrease the time you spend overseeing your inspection program while improving the accuracy and recall of inspection records.

Papertrail provides me with a visually concise method of tracking inspections and staff certifications, reducing the amount of time and effort needed to accomplish my weekly tasks. It allows us to evaluate equipment over its lifespan and gives us the true cost of the rope and gear we use. ~ Harrision Campbell, Crag X Climbing Centre

If you are still relying on paper-based or spreadsheet systems to track inspections at your climbing gym, you may be putting your business at risk.  Book a demo to see how Papertrail can help you achieve a higher standard.

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