Participating in, utilizing, operating, facilitating, and providing services for aerial adventure activities and associated equipment is inherently risky. Failure to follow the instructions provided with equipment may result in equipment failure, bodily harm, or death. Additionally, unforeseeable risks and hazards exist that cannot be controlled through product design, manufacture, or operational processes. Activities at height are by nature hazardous and require that persons involved in those activities be experienced, properly trained, and of sound mind and judgement. Informed risk management is necessary at all times.

Equipment manufactured or distributed by Aerial Adventure Technologies, LLC is intended for use but competent persons or by persons under the immediate supervision of a competent person. Never use a product with which you are unfamiliar with or untrained in its usage.


The purchaser and/or end user of all products is responsible for:
  • Reading and understanding all manufacturer instructions related to the product. These instructions must be continually available to any user of the product.
  • Seeking out the most current information available on the product or its application.
  • Understanding the limitations of the product.
  • Ensuring the use and application of the product is suitable for compliance with relevant legislation, standards, or common practices.
  • Performing regular risk assessments and selecting the appropriate equipment tom mitigate that risk.
  • Performing a pre-use inspection of the product along with more thorough inspections at appropriate intervals. 
  • The proper storage, maintenance, and care of the product. 
  • Practicing effective risk management at all times. 
  • Developing and employing procedural steps in the activity that most effectively mitigate the risk of equipment failure, bodily harm, or death. 
  • Record keeping associated with inspection and maintenance of products.
  • Seeking out and receiving initial and ongoing theoretical and practical training associated with all of the above. Similarly, incorporating an assessment process that validates comprehension of the training.

    Most aerial adventure activities were designed and built to be used with specific equipment. Manufacturers of these activities will provide operations manuals, notices, or specified equipment lists. It is always most prudent to consult with the designer or manufacturer of your activity when selecting equipment for a new installation or when deviating from specified equipment. Small changes in equipment selection can often constitute a transfer of liability to the activity operator.

    Many factors influence the proper selection of equipment and it is the duty of the purchaser and/or end user to weigh these factors and make an informed decision. Always consult with a qualified industry professional on decisions regarding equipment selection and application.


    Aerial Adventure Technologies, LLC distributes information, recommendations, and web content the editor believes to be reliable, current, and in line with common practices. However, it is possible that there are errors in the information presented. This information will never be exhaustive, all inclusive, or universally apply. The purchaser and/or end user shall seek out practices, procedures, and standards most prudent for the application of the product.

    Aerial Adventure Technologies, LLC is not liable for any damages arising from improper inspection of equipment, improper use of equipment, failure of equipment, failure to follow adequate safety procedures, or any breach of the duty of either the purchaser or user. The risks inherent to the use of the equipment do not fail within Aerial Adventure Technologies, LLC’s control. Therefore, liability is transferred to the purchaser and/or end user.


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