Powerfan Essentials: Installation Specs

Creating unique adventures and opportunities that keep your customers excited and coming back for more is the key to a successful adventure business. Adding the thrill of a Powerfan Free Fall experience to your operation definitely fits this bill! Powerfan Free Fall devices can be added to existing structures or added as new adrenaline-inducing, stand-alone jump towers.  Saying "yes" to the Powerfan is the easy part. The hard part can be getting a Powerfan installed by the right builder in time for your busy season.

Powerfan Free Fall DevicePowerfan Free Fall DevicePowerfan Free Fall Device

We've created an easy to read (and easy to share) document that you can give to your installation company to make the conversations simpler. This essential information is key to any install and will answer a lot of technical questions your builders will have about the Powerfan. This two page PDF is easy to read and has all the basic information front and center.  Download our Powerfan Install Specs and hand them over to your build crew today.

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