BelaySAFE is an innovative anchor-mounted belay assist device that reduces the risk of falls by controlling descent speed, regardless of whether the belayer has full control of the rope.

Enhanced Security

Integrated one-way pulleys use pivoting cams to resist counter-rotation and apply resistance on the rope.

Adjustable Friction

Easily calibrate for a wide range of 9.5-11mm dynamic ropes and adjust friction settings as ropes wear.

Smart Savings

Smooth surfaces and distributed forces reduce rope wear and extend rope life, keeping cash in your pocket.

Proven Performance

More than one million hours of real-word use in climbing gyms around the globe.

Balanced Belaying

Erase weight differences so lighter belayers can confidently manage heavier climbers.

Quality Assured

Designed for compliance with EN 15151-2 and UIAA 129 standards for belay devices.

Built for Better Gyms

Developed by climbing gym owners to reduce belay-related risks and perfected over a decade of real-world testing.

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Reducing Belay-Related Risks in Climbing Gyms with BelaySAFE

Improper and inattentive belaying is leads to incidents and accidents at climbing gyms. A Climbing Wall Association report found that one-third of the belayers observed used belay devices incorrectly. BelaySAFE minimizes the potential for belay-related incidents and equalizes weight differences between lightweight belayers and heavier climbers.

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