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Panga Helmet 4 Pack

PANGA is a durable, easy to use helmet, designed for group and club use. Its FLIP&FIT system immediately positions the headband in a low position, guaranteeing the helmet fits securely on the head.
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Radialis Comp Full Body Harness

The classic high ropes harness. Fully-adjustable webbing harness that covers all sizes thanks to its six Easy-Glider buckles.
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Joko-I Lanyard

The JOKO-I pulley lanyard is designed to connect TRAC pulleys to the seat harness. It attaches to the harness with a simple lark’s head hitch. The plastic sheath holds the carabiner in position and protects the stitching from abrasion.
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Am'D Pin-Lock Carabiner

The Am'D PIN-LOCK asymmetrical aluminum carabiner is designed for use with groups. It secures the connection of the user thanks to its PIN-LOCK system, which can only be opened by the operator with a specific unlocking tool.
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Caritool Carabiner

Mounts to the harness via waistbelt slots or straps, the CARITOOL tool holder allows one-handed access, organization and sorting of tools.
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Saferoller II Trolley

Effortless participant movement through the course and minimal required staff for supervision make this system the top choice for throughput and safety.  Saferoller has been developed for the whole family and is suitable for children 4 years old and up.  It is also the most accessible option for people with reduced mobility, behavioral function or learning ability. 
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