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Buzz Ring Team Building Game

Vendor: Aerial Adventure Tech
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For your next team building event, get the ball rolling- or in this case the ring- with this fun group game. The Buzz Ring Team Building Game involves focus, problem-solving, teamwork, encouragement and skill as the group tries to keep the washers spinning while rotating the larger ring or attempting to pass it along.


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About: Aerial Adventure Tech - Buzz Ring Team Building Game

The Buzz Ring Team Building Game is meant to encourage problem-solving, communication, teamwork and skill with a single large ring and 5 washers. Begin the game by getting all five washers spinning and smoothing guiding the large metal ring towards yourself. The trick is to maintain the rotation of the large ring and all the washers as it’s passed between participants.

There are many different ways to use the Buzz Ring in a group setting for both fun and team building purposes. Here are a few examples:
  • In a circle, the group may simply pass the Buzz Ring around until it makes its way around the whole group either for speed or to test the efficiency of the groups' communication skills.
  • For a more challenging game, each person in the group could be encouraged to “multi-task” by listing things about themselves or a chosen topic. 
  • Beginning and ending the program with this game can help lead a discussion about how the group could work better together and the ‘buzz words” of conflict. As well as, a chance for the group to compare the before and after results from each game.