Trolley Lanyard – Standard

Trolley Lanyard

Vendor: CMI
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The CMI Trolley Lanyard makes ziplining a cinch.


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About: CMI - Trolley Lanyard

The CMI Trolley Lanyard makes ziplining a cinch. A rider should have two separate lanyards attached to the trolley for a safe and secure ride. This usually requires two separate lanyards which can be a headache. Our new trolley lanyard solves that problem by using two sewn runners that are sewn together to provide the rider with both a main lanyard and backup lanyard in one compact unit. Using two different color webbing makes checking for lanyard wear easy. The Heavy Duty version incorporates heavier webbing at all three attachment points for increased wear resistance.

Reference Table

References Standard Heavy Duty
MBS 6500 lbs (28.9 kN) 6500 lbs (28.9 kN)
Length 42 in (107 cm) 42 in (107 cm)
Weight 6 oz (205 g) 10 oz (283.495 g)