"O" Rope End Protector – 6-8 mm

"O" Rope End Protector

Vendor: SKYLOTEC North America
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Keeps your ropes ends free of abrasions and cuts from carabiners or other connectors, so your rope is safer and lasts longer.


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About: DEUS - "O" Rope End Protector

Protect the ends of any rope, anytime, from abrasion and cuts from carabiners or other connectors, with the simple but impressive DEUS “O”. Each DEUS “O” is a machined aluminum O-shaped adapter with a deep flange that envelopes your rope. Just use a barrel knot to tie the “O” into an end termination to form an eye. Now your rope is protected from the wear and tear caused by connectors, so your rope is safer and lasts longer. The “O” also makes the rope stronger, protecting the rope from sharp bends.

The channel on the “O” is deep and wide, so rope is snug and completely protected – no exposed rope at the perimeter like on conventional thimbles. And because the “O” is a perfect circle, there are no sharp edges like on conventional thimbles.

The DEUS “O” is available in three sizes for different rope diameters.

Strong Points:
  • Eliminates rope chafing - connectors rub against the "O" instead of the rope
  • Improves rope strength - increases the rope bend diameter
  • Reduces rope cutting - the "O" has no sharp ends that can cut rope
  • Is portable - use it with any rope, any time


Product Overview

Reference Table

References DEUS-02 DEUS-04 DEUS-06
Rope Diameter 6 to 8 mm 10 to 13 mm 15 to 20 mm
Weight 14 g 75 g 75 g
Material aluminum aluminum aluminum