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Easy Seat Harness

Vendor: Misty Mountain
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The Easy Seat Harness is a harness that works well for participants with upper body strength when a padded seat is desired.

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About: Misty Mountain - Easy Seat Harness

The Easy Seat from Misty Mountain is a unique combination seat and chest harness with a rigid seat and single point attachment. This all new design provides greater support and security than traditional seat harnesses, increasing comfort in extended hanging situations. Excellent as well for disabled participants with the use of their upper body, the Easy Seat is a great universal harness for challenge courses.

  • The Easy Seat Harness offers participants with sufficient upper body strength additional freedom of movement while still providing a padded seat and integral harness for security.
  • The Easy Seat is excellent for rigging a 4 to 1 ascending system.
  • The Easy Seat offers a firm, padded support of the lower body and complete upper body freedom. The participant is secured to the harness via leg loops, waist, and chest.


  • One Size


  • ASTM Standard Specification for Climbing Harnesses, F 1772-99