8 mm AZ Bound Loop Prusik – Short / Teal

8 mm AZ Bound Loop Prusik

Vendor: Sterling Rope
SKU: SC080320116
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The Bound Loop Prusik does away with bulky, time consuming knots with its pre-sewn loop construction.


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About: Sterling Rope - 8 mm AZ Bound Loop Prusik

The Bound Loop Prusik does away with bulky, time consuming knots with its pre-sewn loop construction. Made from 8 mm sewn cord, the Bound Loop Prusik comes in various lengths to meet your specific needs. The diameter of the standing line and your prusik should follow the 60-80% diameter relationship ratio to ensure your prusik moves and grips properly. 

  • Review rescue applications and test any new cord prior to field use.
  • Note: To insure that your Prusik cord moves and grips properly, the diameter relationship between the standing line and your Prusik loop diameter should follow the general rule of a 60-80% ratio. Proper guidelines recommend that you review your rescue applications and test any new cord prior to actual field use.


  • Diameter: 8 mm
  • MBS: 24.1 kN (5,418 lb)
  • Length: 16, 22 inches
  • Color(s): Teal, Orange, Red, Purple, Black, Blue