Chain Reactor – Pro / Neon Green

Chain Reactor

Vendor: Sterling Rope
SKU: SW174NYCP1932
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The Chain Reactor offers a versatile alternative to a traditional daisy chain.


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About: Sterling Rope - Chain Reactor

The Chain Reactor offers a versatile alternative to a traditional daisy chain. Each individual loop is full strength. It is perfect for repositioning, using as a foot stirrup, or for use in anchor systems. The Pro version has a doubled girth loop, and the Long version features four additional sling loops. All versions are made with 11/16-inch nylon webbing.
  • Chain Reactor and Chain Reactor Pro - 41 inches
  • Chain Reactor Long - 63 inches
The replacement for the traditional sewn daisy chains. The Standard Chain Reactor is available in 4 colors: Red, Neon Green, Blue and Black. The Pro has a doubled tether connection, ideal for institutions or guide services, comes in Neon Green. The Long with 4 additional loops is offered in Red and Neon Green (all have Black middle links)
  • Serves as a full strength, extension of the "tie in point" of a harness
  • Extends a rappel device
  • Allows for a clean disconnect when rappelling into deep pools of water
  • Provided fast and adjustable options when connecting to anchors
  • Facilitates partner rescue, pick offs, and setting anchors.
  • Nylon webbing absorbs energy in the event of a fall at the anchor.
  • Kayakers: Use as a tow/rescue line
  • Climbers: Replacement of a daisy chain
  • Arborists: It is perfect for light duty rigging, positioning, choking multiple branches or even for use as a foot stirrup.


  • Girth/Choke Hitch MBS: 2,855 lb (12.7kN)
  • Basket Hitch MBS: 5,688 lb (25.3 kN)
  • End-to-End MBS: 3,147 lb (14.0 kN)
  • Length: 41, 61.5 inches
  • Color(s): Black, Blue Neon Green, Red