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Body Part Debrief Plus

Vendor: Training Wheels
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The Body Part Debrief Plus is a set of 7 stress relievers that make a great addition to the Original Body Part Debrief.


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About: Training Wheels - Body Part Debrief Plus

This set of 7 balls will be a great addition to the Original Body Part Debrief. This set includes a nose, spine, foot, bone, liver, lungs and a world ball.

Some metaphors you can use with the different parts are:
  • Spine: What do you consider the backbone of your family/business is?
  • Foot: Did you stick your foot in your mouth and say something you wish you hadn't? or What direction would you like to see the group go?
  • Bone: What strengths do you have? or Have you ever felt broken?
  • Nose: Have you ever stuck your nose in somebody else's business? Did you think that performance stunk?
  • Liver: Where did things break down?
  • Lungs: Could be used to talk about breathing, screaming, taking deep breaths, etc.
  • World Ball: What is the big picture? How did your actions affect others?


  • Material(s): Polyurethane
  • Latex-free
  • Includes: 7 parts, mesh stuff sack and directions