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Pocket Processor Cards

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The Pocket Processor is a processing tool based on the theory of the yin and the yang. This theory describes two ends of a continuum, with each end having the seed of the other. This deck of cards is round in shape, like the yin/yang and the statements are printed on the opposite sides of the yin/yang. This is a great tool to use with youth populations as well as adult groups. It works well with all age groups. It's a great staff training tool as well.


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About: Training Wheels - Pocket Processor Cards

Basic Use: The most basic use of the Pocket Processor is to debrief an activity by spreading all cards out and asking each participant to choose the card that best represents some kind of progress made (either individual or group progress). Then allow each person to explain his or her choice (e.g. "I chose the competing/cooperating card because I am naturally very competitive, but I successfully fought off my desire to complete the initiative faster than the other group.")


  • Includes: Deck of cards