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The Pinnacle Kit

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The Pinnacle Kit contains 85% of the activities and books from Training Wheels. Best value you can find for a number of activities you can get from one product. All props in Ultimate Kit are included plus an additional 10 props. This Kit contains the basics of what Training Wheels brings to their multi-day training programs plus the Portable Spider Web/Bungee Box and Bullying Prevention Kit.


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About: Training Wheels - The Pinnacle Kit

  • 66 activity bags for over 575 different activities that provide the right combination for a wide variety of games and initiatives suitable for groups ranging from youth to corporate programs.
  • Some Activities/props include:
    • Lycra Tubes. Key Punch, Chiji Processing Dice, Mousetraps, Zoom, Bull Ring, Teamplay Tubes, Onimod, Bomb Removal, Consensus Cards, Body Part Debrief, Tool Cards, Ricochet, Spider Web Kit / Bungee Box (includes set up manual and activity instructions), and Bullying Prevention Kit and supporting research (in Field Guide)
  • Ideal group size is 10 – 12 or 25-45 participants depending on the activity. 3 sets of all problem-solving activities to accommodate multiple small groups.
  • Publications: Facilitators Field Guide, A Teachable Moment, The Empty Bag, Journey Towards the Caring Classroom, Book of Raccoon Circles, Beaucoup Bandanas and Ricochet.
  • Additional activity books: Mood Swings, Sneetches, Butter Battle, and The Way I Feel.
  • Used indoors or outdoors. Great for enhancing classroom curriculum, camp programming, human resource departments, and off-site activities.
  • Field Guide contains pictures, activity descriptions in concise, easy-to-read instructions and suggested debriefing questions for all activities.
  • Comes in four high quality large wheeled duffel containing labeled prop grab bags, keeping props organized, easy to find, and easy for multiple facilitators to work with the same kit while keeping things organized.


  • Includes: 66 activity bags, 7 books & 4 activity books
  • Ideal for 10-12 or 25-45 participants