Papertrail - Case Study: Castle Climbing Center

Papertrail is the solution to adventure operations' need for organized record-keeping for regular inspections. Read on for information from our partners at Papertrail.

Interested in better Facilities Management? Read on and watch the video to find out how Castle Climbing use Papertrail to meet their safety needs.

The Castle Climbing Centre is one of Europe’s premier climbing center, with over 450 roped and lead routes spread over five floors, a weight training gym and an extensive range of bouldering surfaces. With such a large facility, The Castle has to have a facilities management system in place in order to function efficiently. This is where Papertrail comes in.

Papertrail helps The Castle to account for its staff, inspect vital safety equipment, monitor the cleaning and maintenance of high-risk areas, and maintain records of locker keys and other equipment that’s important to them.

Watch the video below to see why Papertrail gives Castle Climbing Maintenance Manager Gavin Simmons security and peace of mind.

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