Marking and Labeling Guidelines

Downloadable Guide for Marking and Labeling Gear

All safety equipment should be marked or labeled with a unique identifier. These unique identifiers allow you to tie your products to inspection, maintenance, and purchase records. Additionally, unique identifiers can be tied to serial numbers on equipment. Serial numbers can serve the same purpose but do not integrate well with your organizational coding system and can be cumbersome to read. By maintaining the unique identifier, serial numbers that wear off, or become illegible, over time can still be accessed in the event of a recall or special inspection notice. Marking and labeling equipment can also be important for batching (grouping) products, placing items at certain locations on a site, or ensuring rotational use of equipment. Unique identifiers can be coded either alpha-numerically, by color, or some combination of the two. RFID tags and barcodes can also serve as unique identifiers. Whatever system you come up with, ensure that it is both intuitive and usable for your staff.  

Download the full guide here: Marking and Labeling Guidelines