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We offer an extensive range of aerial equipment at Aerial Adventure Tech. From adventure parks to climbing walls, zip lines to canopy tours, we can supply everything from helmets to belay devices and hundreds of other products designed to make adventure activities and climbing safe and fun.

Keep track of adventure park equipment inspections with Papertrail

Safety is always a top priority for us, and the reason we expanded our product lines and services. Whether you are climbing solo, or managing an adventure park, zip line, climbing wall, canopy tours or other activity centers, we want to ensure we are giving you the best resources to keep your operations running safely.

With safety in mind, we now work with Papertrail, a safety and asset management software system. Equipment is only useful when it is cleaned, stored, repaired and replaced throughout a lifecycle that is outlined by the manufacturer. Climbing, aerial and other rope-based equipment - including the ropes themselves - go through extensive testing before they are available to customers. To avoid injury and reduce the risk for anyone using any aerial equipment, we recommend reading and adhering to manufacturers guidelines, and using Papertrail to manage inspections and reports.

For customers who work with the public, managing equipment can be a time-consuming headache. Keeping track of equipment repairs, inspections, staff training, and demonstrating that assets are looked after is not easy with paper records. It also leaves organizations vulnerable to insurance claims, since poor records and compliance can weaken any defence of safe practices and procedures.

Why You Need Papertrail to Manage Equipment

High-value equipment, such as the Perfect Descent Auto Belay or the Powerfan Free-Fall device, is popular with owners and managers who are responsible for the public's safety. These adventure products, and numerous others, all require different intervals of inspections and keeping them all organized can be cumbersome. This is where Papertrail comes in to help make inspections and maintenance easier for your entire organization.

The Perfect Descent Auto Belay requires weekly and bi-annual inspections, plus a factory re-certification every two years.  Powerfan units require daily inspections and a factory service, also every two years. Saferoller components require daily, weekly, and monthly inspections. Carabiners, tethers, helmets, trolleys and harnesses are the items you have in mass quantities in your gear rooms across the country. Papertrail makes keeping track of every different inspection requirement headache-free.

Easier Record Management with Papertrail

Papertrail is the easiest way we have found to record inspections, ensure managers have oversight and note future inspections in a calendar to ensure equipment is safe for the public to use. Maintenance and inspections underpin safe asset management. All of which is easier with an app and web-based system, such as Papertrail. Instead of paper records and files, you can update records on your phone or tablet, share them with team members and contractors, and insurance companies.

Papertrail is a record and asset management system trusted by hundreds of organizations across the world. Teams of all sizes are using it to record vital data about their assets, inspections and repairs. All of which is easy through Papertrail, since you can set alerts when the next check is due. Records in this system have enough data behind them to make them valuable for insurance and compliance purposes, since any alteration is time and user-stamped, making this an ideal way to keep accurate information on every asset you own.

Owners and managers can also make more effective decisions about assets that need replacing. Everything we sell has an expiration date, and high-use items will need to be retired sooner in some cases. For some brands, this can be over ten years, but even the highest-quality continuous or smart belay system, lanyard, or free fall device will need replacement at some point in time. Store this information in Papertrail: No more wondering and worrying about your equipment lifecycle. Be in control of every piece of equipment and system at your park with the best online equipment management tool available.


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