ISC Issues Inspection Notice for Zippey Trolleys

ISC is requesting that all owners of the above listed items continue to conduct their regular product inspections. There has been a report, from a single site, of some small cracks appearing in their frames. There is evidence that a combination of coarse cable, abnormal and high loads at this particular site are introducing unwanted stress into the frame. As a responsible manufacturer, ISC is issuing this notice to alert all users of the possibility of stress fractures.  


Following an investigation into the issue raised by this specific customer we concluded that there is significant evidence that the rough cable at the customer’s site is accelerating the level of wear seen in these devices. The repeated excessive vibration is subjecting the Zippey trollies to stresses over and above their intended design, leading to small cracks appearing which, if left unchecked, could become critical and lead to failures. A secondary issue is the effect it is having on hinge pins, causing them to also work loose. ISC are reminding users of the requirement to regularly inspect your safety products for this potential condition.

Inspect the frame for wear or abnormality

Continue to conduct regular inspections (at least daily) paying particular attention to the hinge rivets and the back of the trolley. Inspect for any wear or abnormality.

To download the notice, click here.

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