Make Your Next Inspection Easy with Digital Checklists from Papertrail

It’s an essential part of any risk management program--inspections. Maybe you’re currently using paper records, or perhaps you’ve already switched to digital, but your organization and record-keeping isn’t as standardized or detailed as you’d like it to be. More than just record management, Papertrail is a tool that brings accountability and efficiency to your inspection program. Supercharge your inspection records with product information, photos and video. Easy to learn and easy to use, you can assign and track inspections, customize notifications, and keep things from falling through the cracks.

Papertrail checklists make your regular inspections more efficient, accurate, and ensures that no matter who is on your staff, the job is done correctly. What is even better is that each checklist item can then be followed up with corrective or preventive action, comments, and even photos.

Once you’ve completed your inspection, the records will be stored in a safe and secure database that you can reference at any time. Gone are the days of rifling through folders looking for that record from months ago—now it’s at your fingertips from any device.

Papertrail offers its clients standard, manufacturer, and custom checklists—so what’s the difference?

First, Standard Checklists

Entirely free to use, standard checklists are just that—standard and predesigned for you. One example for a popular standard checklist is “Generic Weekly Vehicle Check.” Reach out to us here at to have your standard checklist added to your account.

Second, Manufacturer Checklists

Manufacturer checklists are developed by partner manufacturers like Petzl, Singing Rock, Palm, and Teufelberger, among others. Add these lists to your account for free and ensure you are inspecting your equipment according to manufacturer guidelines. Some of the most popular manufacturer checklists are the Petzl Professional Helmets inspection checklist, Petzl Harness inspection checklist, and the Singing Rock Rope inspection checklist. All manufacturer checklists in Papertrail are available for free, but similar to custom checklists, you will need to request to add them to your account.

You can also explore a full list of both manufacturer (and standard) checklists right here >>

Here’s an example of a manufacturer checklist for Petzl Professional Helmets:

Last-But Not Least-Custom Checklists

Well, as the name suggests, custom checklists are tailored for your business operations and inspection needs. Custom checklists can be used for anything and everything you can think of, from tools to equipment and everything in between. Whether you’re in need of creating opening/closing procedure checklists, rescue kit pre-use inspections, or employee skill verification check offs, the customization of these lists create clear directives and consistent processes for you and your staff.

Custom checklists help you get the most from Papertrail and can help reduce unnecessary or duplicative records.

For example, if you are using Papertrail to manage employee records, you can create a custom checklist applied to each of your employees and track their qualification to operate an activity like a giant swing. A checklist like this could include observable criteria like "Reviewed Policies", “Element Pre-Use Inspection”, "Checking Guest Equipment”, "Connecting the Guest", “Demonstrates proper use of commands" and so on. Skills outlined on the checklist can be evaluated during a training or in-service review.  Employees satisfying all criteria on the skills checklist are authorized to operate the giant swing and you have a time-stamped record demonstrating compliance. It’s that easy.

Here is how to create your custom checklist:

  1. You send us your checklists in text or spreadsheet format.
  2. We review them to best fit your needs and discuss any issues or limitations with you.
  3. We quote a one-time fee depending on the length and complexity.
  4. We create the checklists and assign them to your account.
  5. You test the checklists on temporary test records and request or approve any changes.

To add manufacturer and standard checklists to your account for free, or to create your own custom checklists, reach out to us right here >>

Inspections, Done!

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