ISC Swivel Carabiner Inspection Notice

ISC Wales has issued an Inspection Notice targeted towards the KH260 swivel steel carabiners, while also extending the notice to all of their swivel carabiners.  The notice was issued in February of 2018 and there have been no reported injuries associated with the issue.  But, the issue could potentially result in the swivel assembly separating from the carabiner.  This is in an inspection notice and not a full recall.  This line of carabiners is also occasionally used on the Model 220 and 210 lanyards for Perfect Descent auto belays.  Please read the relevant notice in full if you think your equipment might be affected and take the advised steps.  

The original notice can be read here: ISC Steel Swivel Inspection Notice

The Perfect Descent notice can be read here: Perfect Descent Service Notice Carabiner Inspection

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