Save Money and Gain Efficiency with Papertrail

"How much does it cost?"  The first question any smart business person asks, and rightly so.  With software that makes your booking, membership, or marketing more effective it is easy to quantify your return on investment.  But with risk management and inspection tracking software, the payoff can be harder to see at first.  When people observe the Papertrail system in action, they immediately can visualize how their record keeping headaches will be reduced.  And of course Papertrail is very budget friendly with reasonable subscription costs, free on boarding, and customizable plans that scale with your business over time.  But still, owners and managers want to know how they can realize a financial payoff.  The first point we always bring up is efficiency and that is why we love this case study from XI Training.  XI Training is a rope access company in the United Kingdom that has implemented Papertrail to manage their equipment inventory and the training certifications they issue.

Hear what Barry McLeod of XI Training had to say about the improvements in efficiency his company saw as result of using Papertrail:

Although hard to quantify in terms of financial savings, overall this whole scenario achieved a 60% savings in time and effort at each point of the process.

Think about what that means in terms of labor hours for your managers and administrators!  Papertrail almost immediately pays itself off when staff members don't have to spend hour upon hour recording inspections, digitally backing these up, and digging through records to get key information.  Add to that the ability to better budget for major facility maintenance and equipment replacement and you've got a winning combo.

We'd be remiss not to mention how much money Papertrail could save you should there ever be an accident on your site.  If a suit is brought, the ability to produce accurate, time stamped records quickly can make the difference in showing your due diligence.  But that will be a whole other article coming your way very soon!

Download the case study here: XI Training Papertrail Case Study

If you are interested in learning more about Papertrail, watch the quick intro video and sign up for a full demo!

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