Managing COVID Procedures with Papertrail

In our industry, thorough inspections and documentation are key parts of managing safe operations. Having an efficient system to maintain robust records, reinforce consistent practices, and manage inspection protocols is essential to sustain compliance with industry rules and standards. This is where Papertrail comes in. Papertrail is the risk and asset management software that allows you to easily and efficiently assign and track inspections. At its core, Papertrail is a tool that brings accountability and accuracy to your record keeping. 

As businesses reopen, many staff will be asked to implement a new set of policies and procedures intended to address risk associated with COVID-19.  A consistent process combined with simple and efficient reporting ensures an easy transition for staff and accountability for managers. Papertrail helps you manage risk by communicating clear protocols while supporting comprehensive reporting keeping you organized and up to date.

Screen capture showing Papertrail inspection management software records for COVID procedures.

*Create records for COVID Procedures and include checklists and inspection intervals to make sure appropriate things get done.

Papertrail is super versatile and there are a ton of ways to structure records, inspection intervals, procedures and more, all from within your account. You can apply premade checklists to help manage staff and workplace safety, or create custom lists that ensure compliance with your operation specific policies and procedures. Assign daily, weekly, and monthly intervals for checklists to be completed and get notifications on your phone that it’s all getting done.  

Screen capture showing COVID Staff Inspections record in Papertrail inspection management software.

*A Staff COVID Checklist ensures consistent steps are followed and recorded for routine screening. 

We put together the video below to get you thinking about how Papertrail can be used to manage more than equipment and help you implement a consistent and efficient Coronavirus mitigation plan. Looking for more information about Papertrail? Click here to see what Papertrail can do for you. 

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