Top 6 Team Building Equipment Toolbox Picks

Team building and facilitated group activities are increasingly popular in corporate settings and with commercial aerial park operators. Team building facilitators work with groups to foster collaboration, open communication, and trust. Whether you are a seasoned facilitator, wanting to introduce activities at your operation, or simply looking to liven up your team, having the right team building equipment can make a significant impact. In short, these are our top 6 favorite items to have in your team building toolbox:

  1.  Everlast Climbing All Aboard Challenge
  2. The Buzz Ring
  3. Training Wheels Helium Pole
  4. Everlast Climbing Meteorite Mission
  5. Training Wheels Debriefing Thumball
  6. Training Wheels Basic Team Building Kit

Team Building Kits -Aerial Adventure Tech

Creating dynamic environments that encourage participants to work together, share ideas, and support each other lays the foundation for a cohesive and high-performing team. Elevate your facilitation with our top games, equipment, and team building tools.

  1.   Everlast Climbing All Aboard Challenge: This classic team-building activity gets groups communicating, problem-solving, and cooperating as they move from platform to platform. The All Aboard Challenge includes step-by-step instructions on setting up and performing three included team-building games, sample processing questions, and other variations on the activity. The nesting wood platforms are easy to store and have glides on the bases to protect flooring. Designed for groups of 6-10 participants (depending on age and size).
  2.   The Buzz Ring: The Ultimate team-building energy booster that will leave your team buzzing! Inject a jolt of excitement with the innovative Buzz Ring, an interactive game that promotes skill development, coordination, communication, and trust. Carefully rotate the large ring to keep the brass washers spinning. Master the movements and attempt to pass the ring around the group while keeping the washers "buzzing ." The Buzz Ring is a great introductory activity to get a group warmed up and working together.
  3.   Training Wheels Helium Pole: The Helium Pole is a simple game with a transformative twist. Participants are presented with a lightweight pole and given the objective of working as a cohesive team to lower the pole to the ground using only their index fingers. This seemingly simple task requires extraordinary coordination, communication, and teamwork to keep the pole from rising higher and higher. Through active listening and efficient relay of ideas, participants learn to adapt their strategies, building a solid foundation for open and effective communication within the team. Work with larger groups? Keep multiple Helium Poles in your facilitator toolkit and ask groups to go head-to-head in a race to get the poles on the ground.
  4.   Everlast Climbing Meteorite Mission: Prepare for an unforgettable team-building adventure promoting collaboration, problem-solving, and creativity. Meteorite Mission will challenge your team to work together to achieve a cosmic objective! Your mission (should you accept) is to move a "meteorite" from one station pole to another using only the ropes attached to a meteorite ring. The team must work in sync to balance and move the meteorite in this challenge that requires coordination and perseverance. Meteorite Mission is great for groups of up to 10 participants and comes with Step-by-step instructions, sample processing questions, and game variations.
  5.   Training Wheels Debriefing Thumball: The Training Wheels Debriefing Thumball catalyzes meaningful reflection and helps participants internalize their experiences. It features thought-provoking questions and prompts related to the team-building experience. Participants catch the Debriefing Thumball and respond to the question or statement found under their thumb. Participants feel encouraged to express their feelings and ideas, promoting open communication and active participation. The Debriefing Thumball can be used across various team-building exercises, training workshops, and leadership development programs, making it a valuable addition to any facilitator's toolkit.
  6.   Training Wheels Basic Team Building Kit: Don't let the word "Basic" in the title mislead you. Training Wheels is a leader in group facilitation and team building products, and the Training Wheels Basic Team Building Kit is the ultimate starter pack for facilitators. This kit gives you everything you need to provide influential and educational experiences to challenge, energize, and re-focus any team. The Training Wheels Basic Kit comes with over a dozen props, a comprehensive Field-Guide with concise and easy-to-read instructions, and over 300 activities for everything from youth to corporate programs. Great for enhancing classroom curriculum, camp programming, and human resource departments and suitable for use indoors and outdoors. A high-quality wheeled duffel holds labeled prop bags, keeping everything organized and easy to find. 

Team-building is a critical investment in high-performing and productive teams. Build your facilitator's toolbox with team-building equipment from Aerial Adventure Tech and play a pivotal role in creating engaging and meaningful experiences for participants. Whether it's solving complex puzzles or debriefing a group experience, we have the experience to help you elevate your success.