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Papertrail Risk Management Software

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Climbing gyms, adventure parks, zip lines and multi-sport recreation centers all trust Papertrail to help them stay compliant. Saving time and reducing risk, so they can concentrate on the job they really love.

About: Papertrail Risk Management Software

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Whether you are an adventure park, amusement center, or ropes course, accidents and near-misses can have costly and sometimes devastating consequences. That means regular inspections, maintenance tasks, and staff training tracking are essential.

Papertrail makes this easy with notifications, inventory management, and apps that work offline. Sign up today to reduce the administrative burden of risk management and inspection tracking whilst ensuring your team stays on top of every task more easily.

  • Meet standards for legal inspection processes related to equipment/structures and schedule daily, weekly, monthly or annual inspections as required.
  • Enforce inspection regimes and reduce risk, with a full record of inspections that can be accessed anytime, anywhere for audit and compliance purposes.
  • Spot items needing maintenance, quarantine, or repairs to prevent future issues and keep services running and provide evidence of maintenance.
  • Reduce workloads and paperwork with faster and more streamlined processing of audit data.
  • Save management time

    by ensuring everyone knows what they’re doing and who is accountable.

  • Protect your company in the event of an accident by quickly and easily being able to show compliance with equipment inspections and other requirements.